Ancoura is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization and a registered charity.


Our mission at Ancoura is to provide a nurturing and fulfilling environment for adults living with a mental illness, through stable, affordable housing and a supportive community.  


Founded in 2007, we strive to provide a nurturing residential environment for vulnerable individuals whose mental health conditions have made their previous attachment to the labor and housing markets highly tenuous. Through a network of visiting volunteers and trained professional staff we provide crisis management, problem solving and companionship to our residents. 


The word Ancoura combines parts of words from English, French and Latin.  Ancoura is an anchor, which gives stability in stable, long-term housing embraced by a vibrant community of supports. Within this framework, Ancoura is characterized by heart — (coeur in French and cor in latin) denoting caring, warmth, love and friendship; by courage — a belief in the potential for individual growth; and by the encouragement — that we offer to one another within a supportive community.  


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30 Cleary Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

K2A 4A1


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(613) 233-8130


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