Daybreak Non-Profit Shelter (Ecumenical) Corporation

Daybreak helps residents rebuild their lives in a supportive community.


Since 1982, Daybreak has been a place to call home for men and women who not only have difficulty finding affordable housing but also struggle with issues such as mental health, recovery from addictions, escaping abusive situations and limited life skills. 


Today, Daybreak offers 47 residents a place to call home, all of whom are able to live independently. We have 5 houses, all affordable with private, lockable, furnished bedrooms in a shared housing environment. We help them along the way to rebuild their lives in a supportive community setting. During office hours, we are always available to meet with them one-on-one if required. We also offer residents an on call line if they have serious concerns after office hours. 


Daybreak core activities are broken down into 3 significant functions, each led by qualified and experienced staff: The Property Manager is responsible for maintenance and repairs, including capital projects, to ensure that our 5 houses our safe, comfortable and secure. The Office Manager ensures that the Agency runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively. Financial management, technology upgrades, and social media are some of the responsibilities included. The Operations Manager, who is in overall charge of Daybreak, ensures: that all deliverables to the City and board are met in a timely manner; that the intake process is smooth and efficient; that the houses remain full; that rent is paid; arrears are managed; residency agreements are adhered too, fundraising and grants goals and objectives are being met; is the key spokesperson and strategist working closely with the Board of Directors, interacting with the community and other agencies and managing a fundraising portfolio to build effective revenue streams enabling development and delivery of new and enhanced programs and services to clients. 


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